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Catering for the individual, keeping up with the time

Pursuing education fitted to the needs of the world with a highly original curriculum comprising 21 diverse courses

Our curriculum is made to produce globally active experts in the information age; it offers highly specialized courses integrated with a variety of subjects in order to acquire essential knowledge and skills such as language, IT and cross-cultural understanding.
In particular, the Career Development Program (in small classes) runs through the entire curriculum as Grade 1 SD (self-development) Seminar, Grade 2 Foundation Seminar and Grade 3-4 Specialized Seminars, coupled with 21 specialized courses in economics, environment, tourism, sports, show business, etc., to guide our students up to graduation and successful future careers.
In addition, we offer two extra programs to motivate our students: the "Internship" program to experience jobs in companies and local authorities, and our own study-abroad program "ROSE (The Research of Original Schools of Economics)" to raise globally-minded people.

Japan University of Economics
Faculty of Economics
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